College Guidance

Financial Aid & Scholarships


Below are sources for scholarships. Scholarship is money you do not have to pay back!

Scholarships can be found everywhere! While there is not a single, central source that lists all scholarship opportunities, if you take the time to search using a variety of sources, it is often worth it.

Book stores and libraries often house large reference books that help to identify scholarships, but most information is now found on websites.

On this page, you have access to quick-links that provide extensive information on many scholarship possibilities. Students and helpful family members must make an effort to seek the scholarships for which they are eligible and then follow the recommended steps to apply.

In addition to websites and reference books, students should check with any of the following sources to reveal scholarship money: community organizations in which student or parent has participated; parent/student places of employment; places of worship; and colleges to which the student is applying.

Please note that scholarship searching should be free! Do not be fooled by scams that require payment in return for scholarship searching
. Being diligent in your independent search will render the same results, for free.
  • Naviance (Go to Colleges Tab, Scholarships & Money, to National Scholarship Search.)
  • Canterbury Website/The Scoop
  • Individual College Websites (Go to Financial Aid)
  • Through your local organizations
  • Through your places of work or worship
  • Online College Board Scholarship Search

Scholarship Opportunities

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Bright Futures Scholarships

*For detailed information on Bright Futures, including award amounts visit 

FAS (FL Academic Scholars) Top Award
  • 100 Hours Community Service
  • 3.5 GPA Weighted/1290 SAT (CR + MA) or 29 ACT
  • Covers Up to 120 Credit Hours, $4,545/semester-4 Year

FMS (FL Medallion Scholars)
  • 75 Hours Community Service
  • FMS 3.0 GPA Weighted/1170 SAT or 26 ACT
  • Covers Up To 120 Credit Hours, $3,420/semester-4 Year

Financial Aid

Money in the form of grants (don’t pay back), loans (you pay back) and work study (campus jobs)

Financial Aid Forms: FAFSA, CSS Profile, College Specific Forms

Financial Aid need is assessed and awarded based on the completion of the FAFSA form. Go to for information. You cannot submit the FAFSA until Jan. 1 of the year the student will be in college. You must submit the form no later than March 1. Each college has a different deadline for FAFSA.

Some colleges also require an additional financial aid form, The CSS/Financial Profile form.  Check with your chosen schools to see if this additional form is required for financial aid.  It is often due in October.

Most colleges also require an “institutional” form specific to that college or university. For all concerns about Financial Aid, contact the financial aid office of your chosen schools.