Grade 11: The Junior Year

The Junior Year is the year of the college search! It is also a year filled with standardized testing.
There is a system and a process to planning for college. If you follow the suggested guidelines and procedures, you will make it through the busy junior year in one piece! Read on for helpful information to guide you through the process.

Junior College Seminar
Mandatory Meeting for Juniors and Parents in November

All juniors must attend Junior College Seminar to gain necessary information to start and finish the college search and application process with success. Following the Junior Meeting in November, students and parents are invited to schedule an individual meeting with Mrs. Wilson, Director of College Guidance.

At this first meeting, we will discuss your current goals, interests and preferences to guide the college search process. After the meeting, you will receive a list of colleges to help you begin your official college search. Families can use this preliminary list as a guideline in researching college options.

You should then resort to the internet, college websites, reference books,, Naviance/Family Connection, and campus visits to comprehensively investigate colleges of interest. The goal is for students to return to school, September 1 of the senior year, with an established list of colleges to which they will apply.