The Artist Spotlight: Matthew L. ’20 and Amelia M. ’20

The Canterbury School Arts Department would like to shine the spotlight on two seniors currently building their portfolio’s sustained investigations for the AP 3D Art and Design:  Matthew L. ‘20 and Amelia M. ‘20.
Matthew and Amelia are the first two Canterbury students in more than a decade to select the 3D track for AP Art and Design, formerly known as AP Studio Art. Matthew is creating a portfolio based on architectural designs and models, while Amelia is creating a series of clay masks.

This past summer, Matthew completed a three-week design exploration program at the University of Florida where he studied architecture. Matthew enjoys building models and designing residential buildings and was happy to learn he could continue to do so for AP 3D Art and Design.

Amelia loves to draw and paint, but her favorite medium is clay. Amelia said, “I like working with clay because it allows you the opportunity to be flexible with your designs.”

Their AP Art and Design teacher, Mr. Nick Grey, commented, “I’m excited to see how Matthew and Amelia develop their portfolios. Our AP Art and Design class has sixteen students this year and they are all creating very personal, thoughtful work; however, Matthew and Amelia are the only two who have chosen the 3D Art and Design track. It’s wonderful to witness how this group of students is finding their voices as artists; I look forward to guiding each of them through their creative journeys this year.”