The Artist Spotlight: Nadia M. ’24

The Canterbury School Arts Department would like to shine the spotlight on Nadia M.’24.
Nadia is an amazing artist who is always seen carrying her sketchbook and is very passionate about drawing. She joined Canterbury school in fourth grade and has always been a conscientious art student who exhibits creativity in all art projects. Nadia says she has always loved art since she was a little girl and gets the "creative gene" from her grandparents. She loves to draw people and is fascinated by faces and eyes. 
She is inspired by the world around her and finds everyday objects to transform into pieces of art. She recently painted beautiful animals and eyes on erasers using acrylic paints and presented them to her friends and teachers.  
Mrs. Singh feels that students like Nadia are an inspiration to others. She is always trying out innovative ideas and her artwork exhibits personal interpretation and creative expression. It’s a pleasure to browse through her sketchbooks and discover a treasure trove of pure creativity!