Canterbury Competes at KnightMUN Conference

Congratulations to our Model United Nations team for taking home six awards at the University of Central Florida’s KnightMUN Conference. We had 35 students head to Orlando for the event on October 25-27, 2019.
“Many of our students are committed athletes and scholars in other areas as well, making this a superb representation of our Canterbury community,” shared Natalie Contreras, Faculty Advisor for Canterbury’s MUN team.

The full details of the results and the awards are listed below.
Summer M. ’20 and Calvin W. ’20 - Best Delegate (First Place)
Country: Thailand
Committee: UNEP

Summer M. ’20, along with dual delegate Calvin W. ’20, represented the Kingdom of Thailand in the United Nations Environmental Programme. The committee discussed a variety of topics, from a green economy, transportation, education, and even nuclear waste management. Summer and Calvin lead two separate blocks, one being the VIBES plan, and the other being TTEA. Summer worked alongside Hungary, Denmark, France, and the United States of America to create a comprehensive plan to restructure global economies to be more green and sustainable. For her efforts, Summer and Calvin won Best Delegate. 

Jacob L. ’20 - Outstanding Delegates (Second Place)
Position: Basilidies - Governor of Illycrium 
Committee: Cabinet of Emperor Justinian I (532 AD) 

In the ancient Cabinet of Roman Emperor Justinian I (523 AD), Senior and club Secretary-General Jacob L. ’20 took the position of the Governor of Illycrium (Greece). From the beginning, he was a loyal member of the cabinet attempting to pass legislation to promote the Emperor's good name, but these acts were in vain. After seeing the clear corruption of the cabinet, he secretly plotted to break away from the Empire. However, in public, he marched forward by personally leading the effort to retake Rome from Barbarians. By the end of the committee, he had instilled Greek nationalism and declared independence from Rome. For these efforts, Jacob was somehow rewarded with Outstanding Delegate. 
Jamie G. ’20 - Outstanding Delegate (Second Place)
Position: Columbia
Committee: UNODC

Jamie represented the Indigenous Social Party of Columbia in the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. In the committee, she debated the problem of the financing of terrorism through drug trafficking.  Jamie led a block to successfully pass the MI PEACE plan, which focused on tackling Mental Illness, Prevention, Education, Assistance, Corruption, and the Economy. She utilized the ideas of microfinance and mobile education clinics in order to guide people away from the world of drugs. Her efforts won Jamie an Outstanding Delegate award. 

Jay C. ’21 - Honorable Delegate (Third Place)
Position: Dr. Wiliam H. Welch, M.D., LL.D.
Committee: In a Holy Place Apart, John Hopkins 1918
Jay worked with other delegates in his committee to find a cure for the flu and restore the reputation for Johns Hopkins Hospital. Jay also won the mayoral election. Through crisis notes, Jay spread the disease to China and Japan that destabilized the nations. Then Jay took control of their armies and enhanced their soldiers into superhumans. Finally, Jay used this army of superhumans to take control of John Hopkins and the entire city of Baltimore. Jay was awarded the Honorable Delegate award for his hard work.
Ryan C. ’20 - Verbal Commendation (Fourth Place)
Position: Steve Sisolak (Governor of Nevada)
Committee: DNC

Ryan participated in the 2020 Democratic National Convention to help break a four-way tie for the nomination. Unfortunately, this went horribly awry. After the sudden and sad death of Joseph Biden, Ryan, acting as Governor Steve Sisolak (NV), took it upon himself to graciously nominate himself for the Presidency of the United States on behalf of the Democratic Party. He proved himself to the American people by boldly leading the party’s platform with new innovative tax plans and plans for nuclear energy. In the end, he sadly did not win the nomination, but he did win a Verbal Commendation.