Canterbury Takes Home Top Awards at WaveMUN 2019

Congratulations to our Model United Nations team for taking home several top awards at the WaveMUN Conference. We had 11 students head to Tulane University in New Orleans for the event on November 22-24, 2019.
“Of the 125 delegates, our students took home the Best Delegation award and swept first, second, and third-place awards in the SPECPOL committee where they used their skills to move forward on the topics of Poverty and Inequality for Women and Global Mass Incarceration. Our students showed skill, diligence, and shared their genuine enjoyment for MUN within their committees,” shared Natalie Contreras, Faculty Advisor for Canterbury’s MUN team.

The full details of the results and the awards are listed below.

SPECPOL Poverty & Inequality for Women, Global Mass Incarceration:

Summer M. ’20 - First Place - Best Delegate
Summer represented the Republic of Poland in SPECPOL. She advocated for the betterment of treatment for prisoners and debated the morality of mass incarceration. She worked alongside South Korea, Denmark, and Portugal to write a paper that detailed mental health programs. She also brought up the topic of touch starvation and reformed the visitation system so that prisoners' families could touch and hug them.  
Maya C. ’22 - Second Place - Outstanding Delegate
Maya represented Russia in SPECPOL. She debated the topic of global mass incarceration and led a three-way merger named REAL GOLDEN CARE discussing the issues of mental and physical health, education, vocational training, sanitation, etc. 
Lema A. ’20 - Third Place - Honorable Delegate
Lema represented South Korea in SPECPOL. She led a bloc with Summer that discussed how to use funding, education, and healthcare policies to address the issue of global mass incarceration. Lema introduced micro-financing as a way to resettle inmates back into society, and this inspired other blocs to use it, too. 
Ingrid L. ’20
Ingrid represented Canada. She debated global mass incarceration, focusing specifically on creating an advisor program to help inmates improve their mental health. She worked with Poland, South Korea, Portugal, and Norway on a resolution. 
DISEC Global Denuclearization, Free and Fair Elections:

Jamie G. ’20 - Second Place - Outstanding Delegate
Jamie represented the Russian Federation in the Disarmament and International Security Committee. She led a clock that supported partial denuclearization of the global community. She wrote the resolution in regards to the principle of Mutual Assured Destruction, regional councils for accountability, and disarmament of nuclear warheads that are able to reach 500-5,000 KM.  
Cade K. ’20 & Trevin S. ’20  
Cade represented Mexico and Trevin represented the Netherlands in the DISEC committee. As leaders of the bloc, they helped to create a comprehensive plan to prevent the spread of nuclear technology as well as limit the number of nuclear weapons in the world.  
Crisis Committee:  Trojan War:

Jacob L. ’20 - First Place - Best Delegate
Jacob served as Patroclus in the committee tasked with combating the Trojan crisis. At the start, he was a simple scribe for the committee. Yet, by the end, he through a series of treaties, deals, and persuasion had become the King of Athens. It is this rise to power which prompted him to continue to be an influential player in deciding the outcome of the war.  
Justin B. ’20
Justin represented Menelaus in the Trojan War Crisis. He focused on supporting the war efforts through his control of Sparta and passed many directives to break down the walls of Troy. He co-wrote the final war plan and lead the group to victory. 
Crisis Committee: Hunger Games:

Calvin W. ’20 & Jay C. ’21
Calvin was District 2 and Jay was District 8 in the Hunger Games Crisis Committee at the WaveMUN conference. In this Committee Calvin and Jay fortified their districts and aimed to protect their families. Calvin’s son Edgar was reaped for the Hunger Games so he helped his son escape. Calvin was then put on trial for treason but was proved innocent. Calvin then created the largest nation after the rebellion. Calvin managed the Federation of districts and created a stable country with an excess of resources.