Canterbury Students Start Mask Making Project to Help Cancer Patients

Three Canterbury brothers have joined forces to help make sure cancer patients, a high-risk population, stay protected as our community continues to deal with the COVID-19 situation.
The “Masks 4 Cancer Patients” project started after Max B. ’23, a ninth-grader, interviewed a local oncologist as part of an assignment with Ms. Contreras’ Ancient World History Honors class. Max and his brothers, Diego B. ’26 and Nicolas B. ’28, started out making masks using sterilization wrap for healthcare professionals. Now, joining forces with other family members, friends, and community members, they are making cloth masks for cancer patients. 

The boys’ mom, Silvia Romero, shared with us that all three boys have been washing, drying, ironing, and sterilizing the masks before putting them in individual bags with a logo they created. The masks are being distributed to cancer patients in three different cancer clinics in Lee County. More than 400 masks have been created, and they plan to continue with this project throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I think that we will all come out stronger when this is over. I can see it in my kids already. I feel very fortunate that Canterbury teachers have guided my kids and kept them focused, positive, and motivated,” shared Silvia Romero.