Tackling Real-World Problems in Entrepreneurship Class

On September 1, 2020, our seventh-grade entrepreneurship students in Ms. Stephenson’s class participated in their first pilot program for the LIFT Off Entrepreneur Program. The goal of the program is to problem solve real-world challenges that will impact our community with unique and specific solutions.
The in-class students and flexible learners spoke with 2 The Top owner Josh Vogelbach about his business over Zoom. Mr. Vogelbach is both an owner of the gym 2 The Top and a certified personal trainer. His facility specializes in working with young students to prepare them for sports and fitness at the collegiate level. However, they are well equipped to help train all members of the community. He presented three issues the business is currently facing: how to attract customers, how to find and hire educated trainers, and whether or not to expand the business. 

In small teams, the students will research the problems further and later present their solutions to 2 The Top and their classmates. This program gives them the first of many opportunities in the class to develop their skills in creativity, time management, adaptability, proactive listening, and collaboration. Ms. Stephenson’s class are excelling so far with the assignment. She states, “They are engaged and eager to work. This class has high expectations and the students have risen to the challenge.” We cannot wait to update you on the unique solutions they develop.