Mr. Rowe’s Glowing Review

Mr. Rowe’s Glowing Review exercise for fifth grade’s upcoming Earth and Space quiz couldn’t stay a secret for long. Already proclaimed by the fifth-graders as one of the best activities of the year, word quickly spread around the school over the course of the morning about the mysterious set-up in Mr. Rowe’s classroom. With black paper on the walls, strange lights around the room, and a new planetary system made from foam hanging from the ceiling, staff and students alike were curious and peeped their heads into the room to try to guess what was happening.
In order to review for their upcoming quiz, Mr. Rowe decided he would emphasize his previous lessons on light, sound, and phosphorescents and deck the room at in glowing paint meant to mimic the galaxy only visible when he turns on the classroom’s blacklights. The students were able to work on their review questions in the dark because their highlighters, shirts, and brand-new glowsticks lit the way. Although Mr. Rowe has tried this activity before, he decided to take it to the next level for this year’s fifth-graders. “I stay up late taking care of my newborn daughter, so I thought why not also use that time to paint classroom length galactic splatters and planets,” he explained.

Mr. Rowe’s science students are buzzing with excitement over the review. Peyton W. ’28, was a big fan, stating, “It was really cool! The classroom looks awesome, but it also makes sense because that’s what we were covering in class. Mr. Rowe even took the time to explain why our highlighters were able to glow too.”  We are positive that after today,  Mr. Rowe’s Glowing Review activity will be a staple in our school for years to come.