Nebula in a Bottle

Have you ever seen a night sky so pretty you wanted to capture it in a bottle? In Mrs. Summit’s eighth-grade science class, you can! Every year, her astronomy unit features an in-class art project where students get to make a “nebula in a bottle”.
The students each receive a small bottle, which they slowly fill with differing layers of sparkly paints and cotton balls. The activity mirrors their learning about nebulas: interstellar gas and dust clouds that act as a birthplace for stars. Some students take it a step further and outline constellations with a silver or gold sharpie marker on the outside. 

“I found this project on Pinterest years ago and figured I would try it out, not knowing how popular it would be,“ said Mrs. Summit.  “I think part of why they love it so much is the child-like wonder. There is no wrong way to do this project, and it’s a great art activity still rooted in science.” Now that is some out-of-this-world thinking!