Faculty Spotlight: Leigh Rees

At Canterbury, our teachers are always looking for new ways for our students to experience and learn about different cultures. This year we are lucky to have a teacher from Australia join our Lower School team! Leigh Rees and his family recently relocated to Southwest Florida from Brisbane, Australia, to be closer to family. Leigh is really looking forward to teaching second grade and bringing a side of Australia to our students.
Leigh comes to Canterbury with more than 10 years of experience teaching students in grades K-12 in a variety of educational settings. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from La Trobe University in Melbourne. 
CLICK HERE TO HEAR MORE about Leigh’s background and family, and what he is looking forward to in this new role. READ BELOW for more information about Leigh.

What are you most proud of? 
“I like to keep in contact with my students, so I created an email in my first year. It’s gone around 10 years from when I first taught and I reached out to those students again. To hear from some of these students, say to me, ‘you were the best teacher that I have ever had’ or that you guided them or that they listened to you the most - it drives you to be a better person and a better teacher as well. That’s been the biggest thing for me, is to hear from these students, many years on, and know that you made a mark and an influence on not only their education but their lives as well. ”

Do you have a favorite treat?
“I am a sucker for Häagen-Dazs Salted Caramel ice cream, not so much candies, but I mind a bit of ice cream here and there as a treat.”

What brings you joy? What makes you laugh?
“My family brings me joy. And I think my sense of humor is a bit offbeat, so I think the thing that makes me laugh is when I think I am funny, and my wife doesn’t, she giggles away. So, that kind of keeps me going to find ways to try and humor her.”