Artist Spotlight: CougarVision Newscast Producers

Over the last several weeks, our CougarVision production crew made up of Isabella H. '26, Stone C. '26, Vanessa F. '26, Sofia V. '26, and Sofia F. '26  have done an incredible job producing a variety of CougarVision newscasts and events.
Mr. May and Mr. Torres have been amazed by the work ethic, dedication, and professionalism this team has exhibited.

"They are always willing to assist and mentor their classmates in all areas," said Mr. Torres, Director of Multimedia & Broadcasting for the middle and upper schools. "Being eighth graders, the team is in a unique position when it comes to events. They not only have their middle school assignments, but have taken the extra time and effort to assist in setting up events for upper school." 
The eagerness to learn the variety of jobs in the television industry has afforded the group a myriad of experiences in front of the camera, as well as behind the scenes. The group has had an opportunity to produce newscasts, conduct interviews, set up the livestream tech for communal time and athletic events, and set up the PAC, which includes learning the nuances of theatre lighting and sound.