Canterbury Students Shine at Regional Science Fair

Canterbury School would like to congratulate our students on another incredible performance at the 2022 Thomas Alva Edison Kiwanis Regional Science Fair. Our students brought home over 30 awards! 
Lara K. '23, Maya C. '22, Michelle B. '23, and Morgan B. '23 will represent the Thomas Alva Edison Kiwanis Regional Science Fair at the 67th Annual State Science Fair of Florida in Lakeland, Fla. at the end of March. Only 12 total projects will represent the regional science fair at states, giving Canterbury the largest representation of any school in our region.

In addition, only two best-of-fair projects were chosen from the senior division, with both spots going to Canterbury! Lara and Maya will get the chance to compete at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in May.

"I am so proud of each of these young ladies and all they have put forth with their projects," said Canterbury science teacher Kati Morris. "This is a wonderful testament to the support, encouragement, and creative freedom our students receive from all of our faculty and staff."

Michelle, Morgan, and Maya will be competing with projects they have developed over multiple years, while Lara will compete with her first-year study. Below are the research projects each student will be presenting at the state competition:
  • Michelle- "A Novel Approach to the Comparative Analysis on Natural Polymer-based Biometric Neural Scaffolds: Using the taxic response of fungal mycelium to model cell response and repair in peripheral nerve gap injuries such as the medulla spinalis in paraplegics (a novel second-year study)"
  • Morgan- "Engineering a Biomimetic System that Maximizes Surface Area Exposure to Water Flow thus Increasing the Rate of Bioremediation in an In-Vitro Hypereutrophic System (A Novel Fourth-Year Study)"
  • Maya- "Developing an Algorithm to Analyze Structural Characteristics of Alzheimer's Disease in Different Stages of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Validate White Matter Atrophy as an Early Predictor of Mild Cognitive Impairment (a novel second-year study)"
  • Lara- "Analyzing the Viability of Pure Mushroom-derived Chitosan as an Alternative to Pure Crustacean-derived Chitosan in Hemostatic Agents"
Congratulations to all of our Canterbury students on their amazing achievements!

Senior Division (Grades 9-12)

Best of Fair
Maya C. '22- Intel ISEF Finalist
Lara K. '23- Intel ISEF Finalist

First Place
Lara K. '23- Biomedical and Health Sciences- State Finalist
Maya C. '22- Mathematics and Computational Sciences- State Finalist
Michelle B. '23- Cellular/Molecular Biology and Biochemistry- State Finalist
Morgan B. '23- Earth and Environmental Sciences- State Finalist

Second Place
Michaela F. '24- Environmental Engineering

Third Place
Anika K. '25- Behavioral and Social Sciences
Jessica M. '25- Plant Sciences
Mehereen C. '25- Intelligent Machines, Robotics and Systems Software

Special Awards
The following students also won awards given out by various companies and organizations. They can include cash, scholarships, and other prizes.

Jessica M. '25
- Association of Women Geoscientists Certificate
Lara K. '23
- Scientists' Society of Southwest Florida Award for Excellence in Junior Sciences; Regeneration Science to Medicine Biomedical Science Award; US Air Force Certificate
Maya C. '22- Greenwire Technology Solutions Certificate
Mehereen C. '25- Greenwire Technology Solutions Certificate
Michaela F. '24- Earth Shine Institute- Argonauta Scholars Commendation; US Metric Association Award
Michelle B. '23
- Neogenomics Excellence in Cellular Molecular Biology and Biochemistry; Yale Science and Engineering Association Inc. Certificate; Scientists' Society of Southwest Florida Award for Excellence in Junior Sciences
Morgan B. '23- Stockholm Junior Water Prize; Passarella and Associates Inc. Ecologists Award; Pure Florida Award for Research Excellence; Society for In-Vitro Biology Certificate; UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute; Earth Shine Institute- Argonauta Scholars Commendation; Yale Science and Engineering Association Inc. Certificate