Club Spotlight: Computer Literacy Education Outreach (CLEO)

Aaron S. '24 and Christian L. '24 saw a great need within the senior community in regard to operating technology and wanted to do something to help.
Enter the Computer Literacy Education Outreach Club (CLEO). 

"We really wanted to make an impact on seniors in our community after experiencing the struggles our own grandparents were having with technology," said Aaron in response to why they started the club CLEO.

Aaron and Christian started CLEO just over a year ago. They, along with other Canterbury students, make weekly visits to the neighboring Brookdale Senior Living facility and help residents with any technical questions or problems they may be experiencing. 

What started as an in-school club, is now branching out into other high schools in Southwest Florida and around the country.

"We are excited to partner with friends at other high schools to start a CLEO club. Soon there will be chapters at Fort Myers High School, Mariner High School, as well as a few schools in North Carolina and Kentucky," said Aaron. "We have also partnered with the National Honor Society to try to expand the project throughout the nation."