MUN Hosts In-House Conference

MUN Officers
On Friday, October 6, 2023 the Canterbury Model United Nations (MUN) Secretariat hosted an In-House Training Session for Canterbury students. 
The UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) Rohingya Crisis committee, chaired by Mehereen C. '25 and Olivia T. '25, demonstrated its commitment to addressing the pressing issues surrounding the Rohingya crisis by successfully passing pivotal resolutions that addressed the safety of the refugees and the status of refugee camps. 
  • Best Delegate: Addison B. '27 (India).
  • Outstanding Delegate:  Anayah C. '27 (China).
  • Honorable Delegate: Imoni A. '27 (Malaysia).
  • Position Paper award: Azreila C. '27 (Australia)

The Crisis committee, directed by Laith “the gavel goat” A. '25 and chaired by Preston F. '25, discussed the complex political issues within the fantasy world of Monopoly!

The delegates were tasked with mediating peace between two opposing political parties, the monopolists and the reformists. To achieve such peace, delegates honed their crisis abilities and went in a multitude of different directions. Some chose to attempt to buy out all the properties, others chose to buy water and electrical companies and shut down the supply for the other party, some chose to partner with Morgan Wallen to make music to fund a revolt, some formed their own party and dominated the railroads, and some even contacted Darth Vader to lead their army.

Through their struggle, the delegates ultimately resolved the civil tension creating a stronger future for monopoly. Due to their efforts, the following delegates received awards. 
  • Best delegate: Kaden K. '26 (car)
  • Outstanding delegate: Kyle F. '25 (train)
  • Honorable Delegate: Ari M. '28 (dog)
  • Verbal Commendation: Ari K. '27 (top-hat)