Canterbury Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Students across all divisions celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month in various ways.
In the Lower School, students in Ms. Zavala's Spanish classes had special visitors from their classmates' relatives. Special thank you to Mrs. Dosoretz, Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Pezzi, Mrs. Sanchez, Mrs. Caesar, Mrs. Szymanczyk, and Mrs. Flores for taking time out of their day to share about their native countries. Students had the opportunity to learn about: Argentina, Peru, Cuba, Spain, and Nicaragua. 

Also, third grade students traveled to the Upper School to present their assigned Spanish country's flag and perform their country's national song. 

{Photo Gallery of Lower School festivities}

In Middle School, seventh and eighth grade students researched and created a one-page infographic about an influential, Hispanic person. Once completed, students had an enjoyable time setting up a wax museum to present to their middle school peers as well as some students in the Lower School.

{View Middle School Wax Museum Photos}

Upper School
students capped off the month-long celebration by hosting a Hispanic Heritage Celebration Week in the Upper School Commons. Students decorated the halls, set up various activities and trivia contests, and sported their favorite jerseys. In Mrs. Vazquez-Salgado's Spanish III Honors classes, students did special presentations on notable Hispanic figures. 

{Photos from Upper School Hispanic Heritage Week}