NBC2 Meteorologist Provides Expertise for Fourth-Grade Capstone Project

On Wednesday, November 8, our fourth-grade students welcomed NBC2 Meteorologist Rob Duns as a special guest speaker for their Capstone Research Project. 
The students decided to focus on climate change for their semester-long project. From greenhouse gases to sea-level rise and forest fires to melting glaciers, the kids are digging into the problems that are facing humanity today. After building background knowledge, they formulated research questions, dug into physical and digital resources, and sorted and organized their facts. They will wrap up the semester by writing essays and creating presentations, which will take place when we return from the semester break. 
NBC2 Meteorologist Rob Duns shared his expertise with the students and answered several questions to assist with their research. Special thanks to Mr. Duns for showcasing his visit during his afternoon and evening broadcasts. Click here to watch!
Beginning in January, the kids will develop a research question of their own choosing, conducting their own research. Mrs. Fancher and Mrs. Kilfoyle hope to send the fourth graders off to the Middle School with confidence in their information-seeking abilities and the marks of true researchers – perseverance and curiosity.