Cub Cave Donates $200 to Holiday Stocking Project

Fourth grade students are giving back this holiday season, donating $200 worth of product from their Cub Cave to fill stockings for Nations Association Charities' annual Holiday Stocking Project. 
What is the Cub Cave?

If you haven't heard about the Cub Cave earlier this school year, each fourth-grade class has embarked on a seven-week rotation running the store, located in the Lower School, in partnership with the entrepreneurship program and their fourth-grade math class. 

They are learning the art of running a business, while applying math skills taught in class. Key learning takeaways during these seven-week rotations include: sales, communication, and customer service skills, as well as pricing and identifying market sales trends. 

They are currently in the second rotation with Mrs. Landfried's class at the helm. At the end of the 21-week rotation, the fourth graders will use all proceeds towards a legacy gift to donated to Lower School before they cross the courtyard to Middle School.