Seven Lower School Projects Moving onto Regional Inventors Fair

Congratulations are in order for nine Lower School students who have inventions advancing onto the Thomas A. Edison Festival of Light Regional Inventors Fair, presented by SONY Electronics, Inc.
Lydia T. '33, Isaac D. '34, Mehra A. '34, Ashwin V. 32, Samantha P. '34, Banks B. '33, Trysten L. '32, James K. '32, and Evan D. '32 will represent Canterbury at the 37th Annual Thomas A. Edison Festival of Light Regional Inventors Fair after competing in the school-sanctioned Lower School Inventors Fair on Wednesday, January 17, in the Lower School Library.

Each inventor had to keep a detailed logbook, create a display board, draw or make a prototype, and create a 4-6 minute video explaining their invention.  

Turtle Talk by Lydia T.
Turtle Talk is a set of stuffed animal turtles that have recorded messages to encourage children with big emotions.
Sandy Seeds by Isaac D.
Sandy Seeds is a sandbag with seeds that is good for the environment! After the storm, add your sandbag to the side of a lake, and in a few months you will have new lake plants for fish to hide in. They look great and help stop erosion. They even filter your lake to give cleaner water!
The Tie Tower by Mehra A.
The Tie Tower is the only hair tie organizer that keeps all of your hair accessories truly organized!!
Wheel and Go by Ashwin V.
Wheel and Go is an adjustable wheelchair that can be folded and converted into crutches. It can be easily used on stirs and uneven surfaces. Wheel and Go helps kids become more independent. 
The Fauceter by Samantha P.
The Fauceter is an attachment that any person can attach to any existing faucet in their house. It works by having a vibration sensor in it, which will sense when water is running continuously. It tells people that water has been running for more than 15 seconds, 20 seconds, and 25 seconds. It reminds people to turn off the faucet when they are not using it. It helps people waste less water and protect our environment.
Clean Coop-No Poop Nesting Pad by Banks B.
This nesting pad has HUGE benefits: it collects chicken waste, it’s reusable unlike the others, gathers waste for composting, keeps coops cleaner, keeps eggs cleaner, and you can spend less time cleaning eggs!
The OC by Trysten L., James K., and Evan D.
Inside the OC, also known as the Oyster Cleaner, is a mechanism to clean up algae in the ocean. The inside has oysters that will clean the H20 and whatever gets through the oysters will go into the tank that has algae-eating fish. Clean water is filtered out through the sides via pores.

Congratulations to all Cougar inventors!