Canterbury MUN Dominates at VikingMUN Conference

Canterbury Model United Nations (MUN) delegates had strong performances at the VikingMUN Conference hosted at Bishop Verot on Saturday, January 13, 2024.
Eight of 12 Cougar delegates brought home awards! Below is a detailed report from MUN representatives.

Kaden K. (‘26)
represented Guglielmo Pepe in the Carbonari Crisis. To raise funds, he created a world famous pasta shop named "Carbonari's Pasta". As an Italian general for the Kingdom of Naples, he took 10,000 soldiers and took over Venice, becoming the absolute monarch of Olive Garden (Venice was renamed to Olive Garden). He expanded his empire, while also passing directives and resolutions to problems such as how to unify the rest of Italy, creating a constitution, and selecting a new pope while also having the church protect Olive Garden. Kaden received the Best Delegate award. Congratulations, Kaden! 
Natalia R. (‘27) represented Italy in the DISEC Cybersecurity committee.  She pushed for limited access to artificial intelligence, education and awareness on cybersecurity, as well as a cybersecurity hotline. Natalia made many motions and formed a bloc with Algeria, Colombia, and Serbia. during an unmoderated caucus.  She was also on the authors panel. The resolution paper she helped draft was passed! She was awarded Best Delegate, Congratulations Natalia!
Azriela C. (‘27) represented India in the DISEC committee. She pushed others to utilize Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and developed the app “The Vault” for secure password storage. Azriela devised and led the successful ADAPT (App, Defense, A.I, Penalty, Teach) resolution. She received the Outstanding Delegate award for her efforts. Congratulations, Azriela!
Kyle F. (‘25) represented Giuseppe Mazzini in the Carbonari Crisis committee. In the committee he was able to get funding from a billionaire, create a mind control drug and inject it into his world famous steak house. Giving all government officials and Carbonari members free food and the end, taking control over the Catholic Church, all of Italy, and Olive Garden. He received Outstanding Delegate for his efforts. Congratulations, Kyle! 
Leena A (‘28) represented Syria in the ECOSOC committee. In this committee Syria collaborated with fellow member nations to create a reliable and urgent solution to the pressing issue of internally displaced people. Leena was a major sponsor of the resolution paper of S.O.A.R. Key highlights and topics of this resolution included education, social services, smooth rehabilitation, and accessibility. Leena received the Outstanding Delegate award for her efforts. Congratulations, Leena!
Anayah C. (‘27) represented Colombia in the DISEC committee focusing on Cybersecurity. Anayah was one of two sponsors in the resolution paper and helped create and add more members to the bloc. She wrote a large portion of the  resolution paper and represented the papers in speeches. Anayah presented the resolution paper and wrote a speech along with Italy on why it should be passed.  The resolution paper passed. Anayah was awarded Honorable Mention for her efforts. Congratulations, Anayah! 
Lauren T (‘26) represented Abbot Minichini in the Carbonari Crisis committee in an effort to reunify Italy with the help of the secret society: The Carbonari. Within the committee, Lauren passed directives that helped resolve and protect European nations from the Ottoman Empire, strengthened the Catholic Church and pushed herself to power. Lauren was awarded Honorable Mention for her efforts. Congratulations, Lauren! 
Violet S. (‘26) represented India in the Cybersecurity committee where she debated ways to solve internal displacement in her country and internationally. Funds, IDP support groups, and environmental technology were discussed within the committee.  The SOAR resolution which  focused on the social services, occupation, assistance, and rehabilitation of the IDPs did not pass. However, the OREO resolution was passed. OREO’s main resolution focused on the funds and rehabilitation of the IDPs. Violet received an Honorable Mention award for her efforts, Congratulations, Violet!  
Alexander E. (‘25) represented Syria in the Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC), which discussed how to counter cyberattacks, combat AI misuse, and protect users’ data. Alexander debated the merits and repercussions of Artificial Intelligence use and the use of cyberattacks in warfare. He was a sponsor of the ADAPT (Application, Defense, AI, Penalties, & Teaching) Resolution, which created cybersecurity training classes for schools and businesses, improved infrastructure protection, and created a UN-sponsored app that shielded users’ data. The resolution was one of two resolution papers to be passed at the end of committee.
Jacques M. (‘26) represented Silvio Pellico in the Carbonari Crisis Committee. In committee he was able to successfully establish a stable flow of funding via a state wide school system within Naples. He replaced the previous king of Naple with his own to act as a puppet. He soon was able to diplomatically and forcefully unify the majority of the states and kingdoms in Italy. He finally died due to a poisoned plate of pasta at a party.
Niki P. (‘27) Niki represented Algeria in the DISEC Cybersecurity committee. Her resolution paper was passed and she assisted in writing it with her bloc. Congratulations, Niki!
Norbert H. (‘26) represented Jacques-Charles Dupont de l'Eure in the Carbonari Historical Crisis Committee. Delegates were tasked with reunifying Italy. A task which proved difficult with many conflicts between the delegates and the backrooms. While attempting to unify Italy, delegates were attacked by the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary. In order to resolve issues, Norbert helped write directives to build walls, spread the military, and make peace by establishing pizza shops in Austria-Hungary and giving the Ottoman Empire pasta with special sauce. Once Unified, Norbert assisted in creating a constitution with other delegates.  The committee ended with all of the delegates dying of food poisoning.