A Look Back at Wellness Week

Canterbury Counseling Team
Wellness Week is an annual special emphasis on the importance of all aspects of foundational wellness skills in our students that we can continue to foster all year long.
In Lower School, the students loved having our special fitness instructors and coaches lead a PE class. A special thank you to Coach Booth, Coach Rodney, and Coach Tammy! 

PK3-4th grade students learned a new breathing and visualization technique called Cookie Breathing, and each student took home a small container of bubbles to practice the long, slow breathing that is used with self-regulating breath.  Last, our new mindfulness curriculum in K-4 arrived, so Lower School teachers are beginning to implement this curriculum to help students not only practice mindfulness but more importantly, know what it is and why it is important.

Middle and Upper School students had a number of events ongoing throughout the week. Students were encouraged to fill out uplifting shout-out cards about anyone in their lives who has a meaningful impact. In total, over 200 cards were returned with compliments ranging from peers to parents, to faculty and staff (photo attached). 

There was also Wellness Bingo that encouraged students to participate in different wellness related activities throughout the week. Some of those activities included making their bed in the morning, complimenting a classmate, cleaning their room, writing down three things they are grateful for, and starting a new book. Once completing a “bingo”, they were able to turn that card in for a chance to win a wellness basket the following week. There was a winner for both genders in each division. The Middle school winners were Beckett Lavenia ‘29 and Kenley Peters ‘31. The Upper school winners were Noah Torres ‘26 and Molly Dunn ‘26. 

Students were also able to spend some time on Friday with some furry friends from Beesley’s Paw Prints Pet Therapy program. Our Paws and Relax event included therapy teams Amy and Boomer, Barb and Ruby, and Anna and Casey (photos included). 

Finally, at the conclusion of Field Day on Wednesday, there was a station to write some of their stressors or concerns on water balloons. Students were then encouraged to break the balloons to “throw their stress away”.

While recognizing the importance of wellness for our students, the counseling team also wanted to add some wellness week fun for faculty and staff. In the faculty lounges throughout each division, positive affirmations were put up for staff to take with them, as well as mini kit-kat bars. Employees were encouraged to take an affirmation and a “break” during their day.