Creative Collaboration: Upper and Lower School Students Team Up for Writing Project

The National English Honor Society (NEHS) members of Canterbury’s Upper School and some of our Lower School students in second to fourth grades recently teamed up to write short stories. 
The Upper School students assisted the younger students as they learned about the writing process. Together they collaborated by sharing ideas, using their creativity, and supporting one another with positivity. The younger students were encouraged to use “Once upon a time” as their story starter and write about an animal. Students in NEHS acted as mentors and guided them through the steps of the writing process, prompting students with words such as everyday, but, then, so, because of that, and finally. The end result is some cute tales of adventure!

Below you will find a sample of the stories created:

Once upon a time there was a puppy named Willow. She was ten years old and loved to nap. She usually took short walks and enjoyed playing games. Everyday on her walk she usually came across another dog named Lilly. Lilly was a French bulldog who wanted to play a game that Willow really did not like. So, Willow ignored Lilly and walked away. This made Lilly sad. Then, another French bulldog whose name was Meadow decided Lilly’s game would be fun and began to play with her. Willow realized the game might be fun afterall when she saw them. Willow made a compromise. Tomorrow they will all play together in their backyards. Now every day they play games like fetch and chase. Finally, they had fun and became best friends!

- By Avery U. ’32

Once upon a time there was a lost dog. Every day he searches in the forest for food and then he naps to feel strong. He’s trying to get home but he doesn’t know where to go. You see, when he was young, he was swept away by a large river and ended up somewhere unfamiliar. He is trying to follow the river which has now become a little stream that goes on for miles and miles. But it seems like he is eternities away from home. Because of that, he keeps persevering to complete the journey ahead of him. Finally, he finds his way home, rests, and dreams about his adventure.

- By Noah M. ’32

Once upon a time there was a pig named Ted. Everyday Ted went for a walk with his friend Sam who was a turtle. One day they saw a bear! Sam and Ted ran different ways to escape the bear. But they both stepped in a trap and got stuck. They yelled loudly for help. Out of nowhere, the bear shows up, pulls a rope, and Sam and Ted fall down out of the trap. It turns out the bear was pretty nice afterall. They said thank you but never walked down that trail again.

- By Lyla W. ’32

Once upon a time there was a pig and a giraffe. Their names were Bob and Tim. They were best friends and they got ice cream together everyday. But one day they came up to the store and the owner wasn’t there. It seems as though an alligator had taken his place and was there to serve them. So, Bob and Tim asked where the owner was, and the alligator said, “He’s on vacation.” Bob began to order anyway but the alligator would not give him the ice cream. Bob said, “Um, can I have my ice cream, please?”  Then, the alligator took a giant bite and ate it all. Then,the alligator replied, “I have a problem with ice cream.” Finally, the two friends decided to go to the beach instead. 

- By Jane H. ’32

Once upon a time there was a magical cat. Everyday she went hunting. But she was still just a kit, so she couldn’t hunt very well. But then another cat, who was also magical and friendly, came and taught her exactly how to do it. They hunted together. Because of that, the kit didn’t have to starve. Finally, the kit grew up and used her magical powers to help other little kits so they wouldn’t have to starve either. It was a happy time.

- By Callee F. ’34

Once upon a time there was a magic puppy. Everyday the magic puppy went to the pond.But one day the magic puppy went on a trip to visit her mom and dad instead. But when she got to her mom and dad’s house she found out they were sick. Because of that, the magic puppy needed to find a different warm place to sleep so she didn’t get sick, too. A person found her and offered her somewhere warm to rest. Finally, the magic puppy felt happy and safe.

- By Quinn B. ’34

Thank you to all of the students who participated!

Callee F. ’34
Micah L. ’34
Adelyn T. ’34 
Liam R. ’34
Quinn B. ’34
Neil V. ’34
Lyla W. ’32
Sofia C. ’33
Madeline M. ’33
Siddhi C. ’33
Camden E. ’33
Lydia T. ’33
Keller P. ’33
Jane H. ’32
Avery U ’32
Noah M ’32
Carina F ’32
Nick L ’32
Arisha P ’32
Ellie A. ’24
Kat S. ’24
Reese C. ’24
Anthony C. ’24
Natasha A. ’24
Ellie M. ’24
Abby K. ’24